High Security Asset Tracking

Asset management, security, and tracking

High Security and Asset Tracking
Access Control Solutions

We provide options for securely managing and tracking your business’ physical assets.

At Tillicum Agencies, we are committed to the security of our clients’ assets, and we employ some of the most effective systems from the best brands in the business to ensure that those assets are not misplaced. We provide consulting services to ensure that your facility is outfitted with asset management, tracking, storage, and process control systems that perfectly suit your business’ operations and offer the highest levels of security.

  • Electronic key solutions offer a viable and cost-effective access control system through the use of keys and cylinders. Utilized in padlocks or hard to secure cabinets such as pharmaceutical storage, electronic keying offers a unique way of controlling access to areas of value.
  • Traka will create the control needed to manage assets of high value or key systems that are required to be tracked and secured at all times. Traka will integrate into leading access control enterprise systems which provide a comprehensive approach to securing buildings.

Architectural door and hardware services

We have a wealth of experience providing secure hardware designs and specification writing for facilities, including law courts, police stations, healthcare, multi-use, hotels, retail, higher education, and institutional establishments.